Monday, 28 July 2014

Idea about how a dating site should work.

I had an idea, a ‘dating’ website that centres on a self-written bio of your life. Your experiences, failures, challenges.  Anything you wish to put in it that centres away from physical descriptions of one’s self as much as possible. Rather than matching you to similar people you search up tags  that link you to numerous ‘stories’ that are tagged the same. This way you can read a few, message people and find different peoples stories before a word is even uttered between you both.

As a little experiment I have taken it upon myself  to try and write what I would put down to see if I get positive or negative reactions from friends about this idea.

Mikey Fieldhouse’s Story.

Born in a house in Seacroft, Leeds, Uk on the 10th of February 1990 to parents I have not met since. I was taken in by two loving parents who have spent their life’s nurturing my brother and sister, both blood related, and of course myself.  I have always been a bit of an odd one out, shy , awkward and not the most handsome but strong headed and loyal.  I was often bullied for that but it never seemed to stop me living my life or doing what I wanted, it was just one of those things. 
Never too good at school because of my education led me to spend most of my time on online forums, games and generally away from academia, ironic that I now hold a degree.  I had a small nerdy group of friends that I barely speak to and at college I went through various agonising and embarrassing stages trying to figure myself out.  I had a habit of always getting into rocky relationships and never seemed to be able to hold them down, I always thought, ‘boy, I sure know how to pick the crazy ones’.  I found soon after 18 that I liked to collect things, games, dvds, books, figures, manga’s and tattoos. I love my strange quirks and habits. I like to keep myself well looked after, clean.
I have made my fair share of mistakes, I don’t often mange to show my appreciation for the love I receive from people. I let my mental health eat away at me until only half a year ago or so now and lost a lot of respect for myself for my actions.  It took all my determination to get where I am now, I don’t want someone to fix me or hold my hand. I want someone to support and to support me.  I love to write and create but also sit on my ass with my partner and watch movies all day.
My only true rules for someone wanting to be with me is communication, loyalty and mutual attractiveness. I won’t say trust as trust is both built and earned.

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